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INTENSE Personal Training


FTL offers an "INTENSE Personal Training" program. This is an opportunity that is offered to all FTL and other student athletes who are not currently playing with or without FTL team. This program is tough and fast paced! Players will be working on Endurance, Speed, Agility, Dribbling, Shooting, and Individual Education of their Game. Training equipment such as agility ladders, medicine balls, cones, speed resistance harnesses, and more, are used to insure athletes are performing at the highest levels. Basketball-specific training can be scheduled directly through Coach Tim.

$150.00 for two times a week for non-FTL players

$100.00 for two time a week for FTL players


Contact Number: 954-774-4413



Vincent M. Miller II MBA
Ridge Community High School
Doctoral Candidate - Lynn University
"It's Not the Skills of a Man but the Will"

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Non-FTL players

FTL players

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